The World’s Baddest Man Has a Bone To Pick

The crossover between MMA and boxing has been entertained through talks between boxing and MMA stars for years now, but very few actually went through with the process of jumping into a different sport for the sake of competition along with the potential payday that comes with it.  We are a few weeks away from Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s boxing exhibition so it’s no surprise that some athletes are attempting to get there name in the crossover combat mix.  One particular name attempting to make waves via social media is none other than UFC’s heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic.  The 34-year-old has been attempting to lure boxing’s gold medal winner and current heavyweight undefeated star, Anthony Joshua into a boxing exhibition for some reason.

The call out by Miocic initially began in June when Miocic proposed a spot on the McGregor-Mayweather undercard.  Joshua quickly dismissed the call out, settling for a rematch with Wladimir Klitschko in the Fall instead.  Miocic took to Twitter again to poke the bear upon Klitschko’s retirement last Thursday.  Miocic isn’t the only UFC star entertaining the idea of competing in a boxing ring against a heavyweight.  Jimi Manuwa has been calling for a fight against the UK’s boxing star, David Haye for some time now and even claimed that the UFC was on board with the idea.  He has since been knocked out by Volkan Oezdemir at UFC 214.

The last time we heard Miocic address his next move in the octagon, his management team told Ariel Helwani a few weeks back that he won’t be returning until his contract is up to par.  The part time fire fighter doesn’t appear to be feeling the love and has decided to try a Twitter war against one of boxing’s brightest.  Unlike Miocic, Joshua has the support of a nation behind him and has was lastly seen taking out one of boxing’s most famous legendary heavyweights in Wladimir Klitschko.  Miocic on the other hand just came off a knockout win over former champion, Junior Dos Santos, which tied him for most title defenses in the UFC heavyweight division, which stands at 2.

Miocic’s disclosed pay for his last two bouts have been $600,000 not including his win bonus.  Alistair Overeem earned $800,000 for his efforts against Miocic last September despite being the challenger and that did not sit well with Miocic.  Overeem was able to secure his current contract by opting to test free agency late last year, which resulted in a new agreement in February.  Miocic called the pay difference a slap in the face, calling for better pay.  He was also recently rumored to be lined up against Cain Velasquez later this year, but now that remains up in the air.

History has told us that UFC heavyweights have a far easier time obtaining bigger contracts than those in lower weight classes, which should be encouraging to the current champ, but it’s hard to predict how the situation will play out.  The Ohio native could find himself in a similar position as Jose Aldo who complained about his pay several times in the past with nothing ever coming of it until Conor McGregor came along, which led to his biggest payday.  The problem is that Miocic doesn’t have somebody like McGregor in his division.  He could call for a fight against Brock Lesnar, but Jon Jones beat him to it and Lesnar is rumored to return next Summer the earliest.  Miocic is in a tough spot and it’ll be interesting to see if the UFC bites and agrees to his demands or calls his bluff and leaves him on the sidelines until he’s good and ready to defend his title.

He did still take the fight against JDS after publicly expressing his disappointment in his contract so there is still a chance we could hear about Miocic defending his championship at the end of the year.  Or perhaps we’ll get news of Anthony Joshua defending his titles against Miocic.  One can always dream.


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