Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar?

While Jon Jones is scheduled to finally make his return to the octagon in the main event of UFC 214 against Daniel Cormier, one name in particular came out of left field this week as a possible future opponent for Jones and has grown from fantasy to speculation within the matter of days.  Brock Lesnar’s last performance occurred on the night Jones was supposed to rematch Cormier at UFC 200, and now it appears that Lesnar is the man everyone will be continue to be asking about following the results of the battle for UFC light heavyweight supremacy.

Brock Lesnar’s response to Jones’ willingness to fight him was cut-and-dried despite the reports that he did not re-enter the USADA drug testing pool and that he has had no contact with the UFC about a potential return.  Lesnar definitely did not sound like a retired man when he told ESPN he would be willing to fight Jones whenever he’d like.   Still, a lot of things need to happen before Jones and Lesnar can throw down, but then again, the same was said about Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather and that fight is just four weeks away.  Jones stated that he will take care of Cormier followed by taking care of Lesnar, which left fans salivating for what the next chapter in Jones’ career will bring,

The UFC has been more than willing to entertain fights between big names who really have no business fighting one another and while Dana White and Jones might not be on the same page as of late, they’ll certainly be on board for the amount of money they’ll make in a pay per view event headlined by two of UFC’s biggest stars.  Lesnar’s career in the WWE has been resurrected due to the right price being offered and the same occurred with the UFC last year.  The difference of course being the risk that MMA competition brings, but it’s clear that Lesnar thoroughly enjoys fighting and would have no problem fighting anybody standing in his way.

Jones is in the process of resurrecting his MMA career after a series of hiccups and while both Alexander Gustafsson and the winner between Jimi Manuwa and Volkan Oezdemir are in line for the winner of UFC 214’s main event, why wouldn’t he take part in etching his name in UFC history.  Part of McGregor’s success has been due to the nature of not shying away from fighting at a different weight class and it certainly paid off for him thus far.  While a move from featherweight to lightweight may not be that big of a jump compared to a move from light heavyweight to heavyweight, Jones is indeed a once in a lifetime talent who could stand to test himself once he feels he’s done everything possible in his current weight division.

A fight between both men will be intriguing not only due to the difference in size, but also due to the fact that both men are polarizing figures outside of the cage and that Jones never faced somebody like Lesnar in his career while Lesnar has never dealt with the skill level that Jones possesses.  Both men possess a high level wrestling background, and that’s one battle within the fight that both men will be eager to endure.  Jones has been able to avoid the haymakers his opponents have thrown his way for the most part, but when a 6’3,” 265 lb freak athlete with remarkable punching power is swinging leather, there is very little room for error.

The freak shows appear to be making a comeback these days and it’s worth noting that Daniel Cormier could find himself in Jones’ position should he come out victorious on Saturday night.  Despite the notion that Cormier is expecting a rubber match following a win over Jones, it would be hard for him not to at least consider stepping into the cage across from Lesnar.  DC’s training partner, Cain Velasquez defeated Lesnar back in 2010 so why shouldn’t he give his nutritionist a break and comfortably compete at heavyweight once again for a big pay day?  A lot of things have to play out first including Lesnar’s suspension being completed, which could mean we won’t see him return until 2018 if he does decided to return.  But, like we’ve seen in recent events, the seeds have been planted for yet another spectacle.


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