Brock Lesnar Returning to the UFC?

Rumors of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC have been swirling and since TalkMMA reported on Twitter that Lesnar was recently at UFC HQ discussing a potential UFC return in November at Madison Square Garden.  If the 40-year-old does intend to return to MMA competition, several options await him.

UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic is rumored to potentially fight Cain Velasquez at year’s end, but with reports of Velasquez not being healthy enough could usher in the possibility of Lesnar wearing UFC gold again. Miocic could stand to make a good amount of money, something he complained about in the past.  Miocic would also be the heavy favorite considering his overall skill level and activity rate in comparison with Lesnar. The two would make for an interesting battle as both are heavy hitters, but more importantly, Lesnar is a wrestler who is more than likely shoot for a take down immediately and that’s something that Miocic hasn’t had to deal with in recent memory. The fight will be similar to the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather crossover bout except that Lesnar has proven he could hang with the UFC’s heavyweight division.  With the UFC running low on heavyweight contenders, it’s not crazy to think they might set this fight up while Velasquez recovers and while Francis Ngannou further develops.

The last loss on Lesnar’s MMA record came in the hands of Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 back in 2011.  The bout was one sided and didn’t last very long, but Lesnar has since cited his diverticulitis as the reason for his retirement following the loss.  The narrative that his storyline WWE manager, Paul Heyman has been given is that Lesnar was not 100% healthy entering the cage and it was due to the inflammation of his digestive tract. The fact that Lesnar went down on an Overeem body kick could help his argument. Overeem also expressed interest in rematching Lesnar back in 2014 in his post fight interview after defeating Frank Mir.  Overeem is coming off an underwhelming performance against Fabricio Werdum at UFC 213, but he did manage to secure the decision win.  Should Lesnar seek to enact revenge, he certainly stands a chance against the 2017 version of Overeem and the win could earn him a title shot if he doesn’t already get one.

Speaking of Lesnar’s losses and a possible title fight, it was Cain Velasquez who dethroned Brock Lesnar back at UFC 121 all the way back in 2010.  Velasquez ended Lesnar four fight winning run and could be credited for exposing Lesnar’s underdeveloped MMA game.  The loss generated over 1 million pay per view buys, not bad for a relatively weak card.  History has proven that rematches involving big draws like Lesnar could generate even more interest.  Velasquez has been MIA since UFC 200, the same night of Lesnar’s return and victory against Mark Hunt that has since been overturned.  With Velasquez’s status unclear, there is a chance he’d be willing to sacrifice the length of a proper training camp in favor of a big money fight against a man he already proved to be human.

The dark horse in the Lesnar sweepstakes could be someone like Derrick Lewis or perhaps even Mark Hunt who according to the record books did not lose to Lesnar a year ago.  Hunt is currently in the process of suing Lesnar and the UFC, but what better way to settle the dispute than inside the octagon?  Should Lesnar’s return come to fruition it should be celebrated since Lesnar has always been must see television since stepping into the WWE limelight.  If his diverticulitis problems are truly behind him and if he is able to pass USADA administered drug tests then there is no doubt that he is better served competing in the octagon over the pro wrestling ring.


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