Dillashaw No Longer Flyweight Bound?

TJ Dillashaw has reportedly shifted his focus back towards the UFC bantamweight title as reports say he is no longer planning to cut to 125 lbs for a title bout against UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious “Mightymouse” Johnson. It could be due to Dillashaw’s lack of commitment to remaining in the 125-lb division if he managed to score a victory over “Mighty Mouse.” Neither fighter or the UFC have yet to confirm the rumor publicly, but one has to wonder what exactly is going on in one of the strangest narratives of the year.

Cody Garbrandt’s back injury has him sidelined for the time being, but Dillashaw along with others have questioned the seriousness of the injury after a video of “No Love” playfully wrestling while on his back last week. Not a good look from the UFC bantamweight champion, but maybe it’s a good sign and maybe this means we could see Garbrandt and Dillashaw put the Team Alpha Male beef to rest sooner rather than later.

Demetrious Johnson could get what he wanted in Ray Borg as his next opponent sometime in August. If that’s the case then you could score this round for Johnson over the UFC and that’s got to count for something. The bad news for Johnson besides the fact that his name has been dragged through the mud over the course of a month, is the fact that his potentially record breaking title defense will be overshadowed by the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather circus.

Johnson won’t be in for an easy fight either as Borg is a game opponent and with the flyweight division slowly developing, it’s only going to get harder from here. Johnson is probably the latest athlete in the UFC’s doghouse, which doesn’t bode well from him. Then again, who knows, maybe we’ll see the UFC answer his plea for more promotion surrounding the #1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Whatever is next for Johnson and the UFC, one could hope the two parties have a much needed sit down at the very least. Johnson was being truthful when he brought up the fact that he’s been willing to bend over backwards for the UFC in the past. A company man is usually respected by his peers and his employer, but instead we’ve seen Dillashaw question Johnson’s manhood and the president of the company publicly blast him in numerous interviews. Fans haven’t exactly offered their support, instead it was quite the opposite.

Fortunately there is still a chance we’ll see Johnson face either Garbrandt or Dillashaw given their interest in challenging for his title. Hopefully all three sides can get on the same page before the president goes public with the UFC’s plans.


3 thoughts on “Dillashaw No Longer Flyweight Bound?

  1. This is definitely a positive turn of events for the integrity of weight classes in the UFC. Dillashaw is a great fighter and deserves a title shot, at Bantamweight though. Johnson has absolutely no reason to risk the achievement that the last few years have been building toward on an opponent who’s never taken a fight at flyweight in his 17-fight career and isn’t even a massive PPV draw anyway. If he misses weight it just delays Johnson’s record-breaking moment and weakens what will no doubt be an already weak card, knowing how the UFC promotes Johnson.


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