The Mayweather-McGregor Saga

With the official freak show boxing exhibition between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor two months away, it’s only natural for fans to buy into hype as we near fight night.  The problem with this is the fact that there will be some key elements that will be thrown out the window.  Here are some of them.

While the consensus is that Mayweather is not a power puncher and unlikely to win via KO/TKO, it’s important to remind ourselves that there are a lot more punches thrown and landed in boxing than in MMA, and the last time McGregor faced somebody who possessed a high volume of strikes, he ran out of gas or almost ran out of gas.  Nate Diaz is the toughest opponent McGregor due to his strong boxing style and iron chin among other things, and he is now facing the arguable best boxer alive who will have the luxury of not only playing in his own field, but also in fact that 10 oz gloves will be used in their showdown.  McGregor has only performed professionally in 4 oz gloves so he won’t have the luxury of making it a short night due to his notorious power.

McGregor is also used to setting the pace by pressuring his opponents from start until he can secure a finish like he’s been prone to do in the octagon.  While it’s true that Mayweather has a history of having trouble against pressure fighters, there is no reason for him to allow a non-boxer to pressure him into a brawl when he can comfortably attack with the intention of knocking McGregor back to the UFC.  A KO/TKO would look nice as the 50th win in his illustrious career.  It’s also fair to say that McGregor will inevitably get into Mayweather’s head at some point leading up to the fight.  Or maybe he won’t considering he will be stepping into a boxing ring and not an octagon.  Either way expect to see Mayweather try and make McGregor eat his words for using his name to further the McGregor hype and bold claim that he’d knock Floyd out.

The size difference is clear and with the fight taking place at 154 lbs it certainly seems like McGregor will have the advantage of putting on some size to try and gain some kind of advantage.  The problem with that is the speed advantage to go along with the technique advantage that Mayweather possesses.  The size won’t matter unless McGregor has the hand speed and even then it’s not guaranteed that he can land on Mayweather enough to cause some sort of damage.  McGregor should’ve pushed for smaller boxing gloves, but it’s likely that he was content with the contract  and didn’t feel the need to extend negotiations for this particular cause.

With the potential of being finished by Floyd or running out gas, there is a high chance we’ll see McGregor break mentally and look for a way out.  While it probably look as bad as Bob Sapp throwing a fight, one has to remember that McGregor intends on returning to the octagon later this year.  There is no sense in taking unnecessary damage in the fight and unless Tony Weeks is officiating the fight, we could see the towel being thrown by McGregor’s corner with the hopes of having him back in competition by say November.  Should McGregor go through with the plan of returning to MMA later this year, who exactly would be willing to shell out another $60 for a McGregor PPV?  That’s why it’s likely McGregor chooses Nate Diaz as his opponent considering the PPV success of their first two fights.

McGregor will be getting tagged more often than not and while he has the benefit of only dealing with 10 oz power punches, he will still be on the wrong side of a beatdown.  McGregor will laugh all the way to the bank despite the loss and even though he’ll be embarrassed like so many of Mayweather’s opponents, the fans who are willing to shell out money for the freak show will be further embarrassed.

There is no doubt that the best part of Mayweather-McGregor will be the buildup as we will finally see two superstar celebrity athletes in the same room throw verbal jabs at each other.  With that said, at least boxing fans will finally get to experience Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez square off on September 16th.


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