Time For Mets To Accept Defeat

With the month of June not going the Mets away and after the poor performance against the Nationals, it’s safe to say the once predicted 2017 World Series winners are one of the biggest losers of 2017.

While it will be hard to come back and make the playoffs from the current deficit, it will be simpler to call it a season and attempt to erase the disappointment through the action of transactions. Fortunately, the Mets are not lacking in that department. Jay Bruce is the obvious choice to use as trade bait and then there are other options.

The good thing about the Mets admitting they have been awful thus far with the expectation of continuing down the same path is that they can focus on addressing the problems.

While injuries dealt to most members of the starting rotation are unpredictable, the Mets could have predicted a subpar bullpen judging from the names who occupy the pen. Even before the domestic violence suspension and the serious surgery, Jeurys Familia proved to be a liability when the Mets needed him the most. If one takes a look at the 2015 World Series, which should be the team’s goal to revisit, Familia faltered. Whether it was his inexperience or inability to pitch deep into the post season it cost the Mets crucial games that could’ve been the deciding factor on how 2015 and 2016 could’ve ended for the Amazins.

While Addison Reed has been filling in nicely for Familia in the closer role, it’s time to find someone fit for the task at hand. And while the front office would love to find the solution in the current roster or the current farm system, it’s not a matter they should take lightly. The Mets struck gold with Familia’s success as closer in 2015, but look at how that year ended. Then consider the possibility that the league has Familia figured out. Should he be demoted from his role as closer, the Mets would gain a hell of a setup man in the process. They’d also gain one hell of a 7th inning man in Reed.

It’s safe to say the Travis dArnaud is over and that he reached his ceiling awhile ago. The Mets seem to have a difficult time accepting that they were wrong in their lineup decision, for example remember that Michael Conforto began the season on the bench and that Jose Reyes is still being penciled into the lineup for some reason. The reason can’t be money since they are paying Reyes the league minimum so what exactly is the reason? DArnaud is currently batting .220 with 7 home runs and 22 RBI.  To only make matters worse, last night’s game against the Nationals featured Trea Turner stealing four bases off the Mets and dArnaud had no shot at throwing him out.  The Mets continue to do the same thing with the hopes of gaining different results for some reason and the season is slipping away from them because of it.

It’s understandable that the Mets are unwilling to call up Amed Rosario from Triple-A Las Vegas, but there are other ways to improve. They just have to be willing to go for it. With the recurring injuries once again being the main theme of the season, the Mets should’ve adapted to the nature of baseball rather than rely on the Tyler Pills of the world.

The 2017 First Player Draft was one of the uncommon bright spots this month as it illustrated the Mets willingness to continue developing college arms. Most of the picks on day 1 were relievers in their respective universities, and funny enough the Mets haven’t had a good track record as of late with home grown relief pitchers. Just take a look at Josh Edgin, Aaron Heilman, Brad Holt, Billy Traber, and Eddie Kunz.

Still, there remains hope and promise in the recent first round picks in the last year, right handed, Justin Dunn and left handed, Anthony Kay.  It’s clear to see that Neil Ramirez, Fernando Salas, and Paul Sewald aren’t cutting it.


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