2017 New York Mets: Work in Progress

The New York Mets are still carrying an overcrowded outfield and with major holes still remaining in their upcoming season’s squad, a multitude of questions remain.

In regards to the first base situation, the Mets have yet to secure a full time first baseman and even if they decide to invite Lucas Duda back for another year, issues regarding his ability to remain healthy for the entirety of a season presents itself. Duda and perhaps another backup option at first not named Eric Campbell could be T.J. Rivera. Although Rivera is notable for his time at second and third base, he can possibly make a smooth transition to first base when needed. This is likely the cheapest option for the Mets, which makes it the likeliest.

The situation at catcher appears to remain the same as last season and the year before that as the Mets have expressed no interest in signing free agent Matt Wieters. Wieters will require a relatively expensive contract, which is likely what deterred the front office from making an offer. Travis d’Arnaud has been more miss than hit over the past few seasons, but it appears the Mets are willing to ride it out with the hopes of him reaching the potential that was expected from his days as a highly touted prospect.

The Mets primary focus behind re-signing Yoenis Cespedes has been to ramp up the bullpen by way of trading away either Curtis Granderson or Jay Bruce, but with the departure of either player means handing the reigns over to Michael Conforto. Conforto experienced the infamous sophomore slump and found himself being sent up and down between the Triple A and big league team. Placing faith on the youngster could burn the Mets this upcoming season as he will be expected to replace either Jay Bruce or Curtis Granderson. The Mets find themselves in an ultra competitive NL East division this season as the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins have displayed efforts in attempting to battle the Washington Nationals for supremacy.

The starting rotation appears very good on paper, however the over-reliance on a pitching staff led by relatively young studs can lead to the Mets playing things by ear similar to last season. Fortunately, a Robert Gsellman or Seth Lugo is there to pick up the slack as shown last year, but soon the Mets luck can run out. The bullpen will immediately start off in a handicap position as Jeurys Familia won’t be closing out games for the first month of the season. April can prove to be a crucial month seeing as the Washington Nationals have solidified themselves as the team to beat. The season is still three months away, but now is the time for the team to get creative and perhaps work their magic in receiving back a nice package for Bruce or Granderson or perhaps both. The deals that brought over Zack Wheeler followed by Noah Syndergaard have proven to be steals for the Metropolitans, which should provide fans with optimism as the new season nears.


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