The Imperfection That is Jon Jones

It appears that Jon Jones can’t ever seem to get out of his own way. Three days before competing in a rematch against his biggest rival on the UFC’s biggest event, the UFC was informed by USADA’s Jeff Novitzky that Jones failed an out of competition drug test administered on June 16th. Back in UFC 100 Jones competed on the preliminary card as a relative unknown prospect with immense potential. Back then Jones could be seen praising God and displaying a squeaky clean image in front of the cameras. Back then many including Joe Rogan believed that Jones was a future champion at light heavyweight. Back then Jon Jones was graced with the talent and ability to go further in this sport than anyone not named Anderson Silva.

Now, fans are either in disbelief or unsurprised by the controversial series of events that always seem to follow Jones nowadays. At 23 years of age Jones was crowned as the titleholder at 205 pounds, but that is precisely when the real challenge began for the Jackson-Winklejohn product. Jones was repeatedly accused of portraying a false character in front of the media while being everything but the person he portrayed. Jones was given the benefit of the doubt by some, but then came the DUI in 2012 in which he crashed his Bentley, months after claiming the UFC would never have to worry about him driving under the influence. Forgive and forget. Then came the time Jones tested positive for cocaine in a recreational drug test administered by the NAC prior to UFC 182. Then came the time Jones crashed his car into another car driven by a pregnant woman and ran off before police could arrive. Then came the probation violation due to a drag racing incident. Now there is this.

Screw up after screw up and apology followed by more apologies later, we finally thought Jones has straightened out his act. He moved away from his home in upstate New York and to Albuquerque where he could stay away from bad influences. He stood in the gym during his off season instead of partying. He was now sober. He hired a personal driver. Jones brought these tribulations upon himself and just when we thought we had finally seen a trouble free Jon Jones, he fails a drug test for a banned substance and could potentially be out of the octagon for two long years. Daniel Cormier will be 39 by that time and possibly even retired without getting the chance to redeem his one loss.

The UFC stacked up their milestone event with hopes of garnering as much as attention as possible and in a way they have done that. First Conor McGregor decided he couldn’t attend a press conference promoting the event and was pulled off the main event slot followed by a short lived retirement via social media. Then came the backlash following Ariel Helwani’s ban from UFC events due to breaking the news of Brock Lesnar’s MMA return at UFC 200. Now their best fighter is on the hook days before the major event leaving them scrambling for an opponent for their light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier.

With a multitude of failed drug tests due to tainted supplements since USADA’s involvement in out of competition drug administering, it’s important to note that Jones could seek the results of a B test, which could help his case. One thing that is clear is the fact that the dark cloud will permanently follow Jon Jones for the rest of his career and life and he only has himself to blame.


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