2016 NY Yankees: Buy or Sell?

It’s safe to say the New York Yankees are unlikely to contend this season with their current roster. Brian Cashman finds himself in quite the predicament as the impending trade deadline draws nearer. The dilemma facing Cashman is whether or not he will push towards finding success outside of the organization and if he’ll aim for for a short term or long term solution. Will the Yankees be buyers or sellers by the end of the month?

With the AL East as competitive as it is, time does not favor the Yankees as they continue to hover around the .500 mark. Both the starting rotation and the lineup could benefit from a much needed face lift. Fortunately for the Yankees, there are a multitude of pieces that can be moved in order to reel in established pitching and hitting or perhaps maybe some highly rated prospects.

Both CC Sabathia and Aroldis Chapman will be entering free agency at the end of the season, which make them obvious trading blocks if the Yankees decide to go in that direction. Sabathia’s recent resurgence has only upped his value as the innings eater could only help improve the chances of a playoff bound team. Chapman’s issues off the field appear behind him as his performance on the mound has teams picking up the phone.

The bridge leading to Chapman has also sparked interest from teams in need of bullpen insurance. Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances don’t appear likely to be moved this year but if they do decide to ship one or both of them away, they could add some depth to their farm system or perhaps bolster the third base position as Chase Headley hasn’t turned out the way some had hoped.

One of the Yankees most productive and consistent bats has been the veteran, Carlos Beltran ho also happens to e in his walk year. The 18 year vet has expressed his desire in continuing to play beyond this season with the hopes of earning a world series ring. Seeing as the season hasn’t gone as hoped, the Yankees could send Beltran to an AL contender who could slide him into the DH role to preserve his legs. Beltran’s impressive post season offensive numbers further increases his value as a middle-of-the-order bat.

Then there is Brett Gardner who has quietly put together a solid career in pinstripes and it could be time for the Yankees to part ways with him in order to make room for the emerging right fielder Aaron Judge. The Kansas City Royals showed how vital speed can be in the base paths last October, which only helps the demand for a speedy and solid defensive outfielder.

The commencement of a new month serves as a reminder as well as a signal that the clock is ticking. As fans patience begins to wear thin, Cashman and the front office must make a decision on which direction the organization is headed and what steps they are willing to take to get there.


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