Canelo vs GGG Further Delayed

The retirement of boxing’s biggest draw, Floyd Mayweather and of boxing’s most exciting star, Manny Pacquiao has left a void for a new boxing superstar to emerge. Unfortunately in order for a star to emerge, challenges must be overcome. For Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, challengers are few and far in between and it doesn’t look like fans will be intrigued anytime soon by a clash between the two heavy hitters.

Following Alvarez’s win over Miguel Cotto last November, he told the world that he’d be willing to put his gloves back on and fight his old friend Golovkin if need be. The excitement wouldn’t last long as Alvarez’s next bout was scheduled against Amir Khan while Golovkin was once again placed on the back burner. Following a vicious knockout over Khan in May, Alvarez once again stated that he fears nobody and even invited Golovkin to the ring to illustrate his point. Now, the two men have finally agreed to step into the ring together except the agreement is for the fall of 2017.

The oddly timed agreement between both teams was said to be based on Alvarez’s ability to gradually move up to 160 lbs before competing against Golovkin. It’s interesting to note that Alvarez has publicly stated that he’d fight Golovkin at 160 lbs no problem. It appears that either Alvarez has realized that he might’ve bitten off more than he could chew or possibly that the team who he has so much confidence in does not share the same confidence in their superstar.

The balked negotiations should come as no surprise in the boxing world but when it’s between the fearless Mexican competitor and the most feared middleweight boxer, one has to imagine why boxing’s biggest fight is being placed on hold yet again. The issue at hand seems to be about weight more than money, which might be a good sign seeing as Canelo Alvarez appears to be closer than what is being led on. While Golovkin has stated that it would be difficult to make the 155 lb limit Canelo Alvarez has been fighting at, it’s interesting to note that Alvarez weighed in at 171 lbs on the day of the fight against Erislandy Lara in July 2014. Golovkin was weighed in at nearly 169 lbs on the same day he fought David Lemieux last October.

Both men appear to be natural middleweights and yet fans are forced to wait over a year to watch the only fight that makes sense for both knockout artists. Alvarez has taken flack for fighting the likes of Miguel Cotto and Amir Khan, who both appear much smaller in comparison to GGG. Right now, it appears as if the criticism is warranted as both men will likely go on to step into the ring against competitors who have little to no chance in pulling off a victory.


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