GSP’s Return to the UFC

It was nearly three years ago when former UFC welterweight champ, Georges St Pierre revealed that he would hang his gloves up for the time being.  Not willing to officially retire, GSP’s departure left many wondering why the welterweight king was leaving and whether he’d eventually return.  Amidst the controversy surrounding his win over Johny Hendricks, GSP hinted at the performance enhancing drug epidemic in the UFC as a reason behind his sabbatical as well as the stress and head trauma that came along with being the UFC’s current overall win leader.  This past Monday GSP revealed that he is ready to return and that his opponent could very well be the newly crowned middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

The issue that comes about is the fact that GSP has never fought at 185 pounds and the question behind why he has now decided to fight at middleweight.  Some wonder if he would have entertained the idea of facing Luke Rockhold or Chris Weidman had they been holding the title.  The chances of GSP agreeing to either of those fights are slim, so why challenge the Count after such a long layoff?  Could it be that GSP like many others, believes he holds a significant advantage over the longtime British scrapper?

There is nothing wrong with trying to gain an advantage over an opponent, however where does that leave Jacare Souza or even Yoel Romero?  Two men who have made their case for fighting for the title as well as two men who are not getting any younger.  If GSP does get the title shot and finds a way to defeat Bisping, will he be willing to defend the title or leave the division in even more disarray?

The return of GSP has been a topic of discussion since his departure but Michael Bisping was never brought up as a viable option, instead fans entertained the idea of a fight against current welterweight champ, Robbie Lawler or even a fight against former longtime middleweight king, Anderson Silva.  The Silva fight was clamored for during their long term reigns in each of their respectable divisions and now that both men are nearing the end of their careers, it’d be an ideal to the fans if they finally make the fight happen.

At this stage, legends like St Pierre have been prone to choosing big fights and some believed that Conor McGregor could have been an option for GSP had he defeated Nate Diaz, while Firas Zahabi has shown interest in having GSP face Diaz after his upset win.  There is no telling where GSP’s head is at but the UFC will certainly try and get a bang for their buck with the return of one of their biggest draws.  Michael Bisping vs GSP could sell a lot of PPV’s but is it worth hurting the formula of how title shots are given?  Guess we’ll find out soon.


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