Mets’ Solution a Familiar Face

The New York Mets currently find themselves sitting in second place as the Washington Nationals are slowly building on their comfortable five game lead heading into the month of July. The offensive woes have largely been the result of injuries to key players, placing Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins in a tough but fixable predicament. Some of the solutions can come by way of trading for a serviceable third baseman or perhaps signing the heavily talked about Cuban defector, Yulieski Gourriel. Then there is the out-of-left-field option of reuniting with former homegrown spark plug and current pariah, Jose Reyes.

Reyes, fresh off of a 52 game suspension due to a domestic violence incident, has recently expressed interest in rejoining his old club and the feeling from the Mets might just be mutual. The goal of bolstering the lineup could come other ways, but Reyes’ current lack of popularity could save the Mets a lot of money but would almost certainly bring the Mets a lot of headaches by fans and the media who are averse to the idea. While it’s true that Reyes’ value has diminished since his days as a triples machine, the Mets are in dire need of a major league bat who can steal the occasional base when needed.

The Mets have struggled to replace the dynamic stolen base threat since his departure and have only recently slid Granderson into the permanent leadoff spot. The question of health and off the field issues come to play, but it’s important to note that Reyes will most likely be the Mets’ cheapest option to help upsurge their current depleted infield. The unfortunate domestic violence incident is the only red flag in Reyes’ long career thus far and should not follow him like a dark cloud for their rest of his tenure as a big league player.

Reyes has already etched his mark on the franchise as one of the most memorable and significant players who once helped the Mets reach the NLCS ten seasons ago. The troubled shortstop’s interest in wanting to return to the organization that signed him as a sixteen year old is a positive sign that team moral will not be an issue. In a perfect world the Mets would be able to trade for a Jonathan Lucroy or sign Yulieski Gourriel to a deal, but in the meantime the Mets have to act fast in turning the tide if they want to return to the promised land. With yesterday’s injury scares to Yoenis Cespedes, Noah Syndergaard and Bartolo Colon the night before, luck does not appear in their side, but the return of the prodigal son could turn all that around.


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